3D/4D ultrasound scans Chesterfield

Using the amazing ultrasound technology you can see your baby up close and personal moving in your womb in 3D/4D and in colour.


In our opinion, the best time for a 3D/4D scan is between 25-30 weeks, although they can also be done successfully earlier, for example at 24 weeks, and later too, up to about 32 weeks.

Because the baby is not always in a great position for 3D/4D pictures, occasionally re-takes may be necessary to get better pictures so if possible we recommend you book your appointment for not later than 29 weeks to allow for any re-takes in case we think we can do better for you in a second scan.

The radiographer will perform the scan using the special 3D/4D technique. While she is scanning you will see live pictures of your baby moving around on the big screen.

The video will be recorded and a good number of still pictures of the baby will be captured.

After the scan you review all the still shots and select your 4 favourites to print as colour photos, but we also send all the other pictures to you by social media.

Please book early to avoid disappointment, especially for Saturdays.

We like to take really good care of our customers so all appointments last about 45 or 60 minutes from start to finish and include:
– a welcoming talk and introduction to the procedure
– a 14 or 28-minute scan, depending on which package
– about 15 minutes afterwards to choose your favourite pictures and print the photographs.

If we do not get enough good footage of your baby during your first session we offer one more scan free of charge.

Starlight Moonshine
  • Appointment Duration
about 45 minutes about 60 minutes
  • Ultrasound Scan Duration
14 minutes 28 minutes
  • Photographs
4 4
  • Digital Pictures – sent via social media
15-20 25-35
  • Pregnancy Health / Baby Heart-Beat Check
1 1
  • Confirmation of Sex – on request only
1 1
  • USB Memory Stick
Included  Included
  • Heart-Beat Teddy Bear or other soft toy
Extra £20  Included
£90.00  £120.00
  • Who’s coming with Mum-to-Be?
Usually up to 4 family members and friends;
please book in advance if you want more

The Fee is payable in full at the time of booking, or a deposit £30 paid to guarantee the appointment. Payment in cash or by card.

The Starlight Package price for Twins is £110 as it includes longer 28-minute scan because twins always need more time. We also advise mums of twins to come at 24-28 weeks because two babies have less room in the womb which make scanning a bit more challenging. Heartbeat bears – £30.00 for a pair.

£10.00 – USB Memory Stick – to record the movie of scan and pictures (included in Moonshine pkg.)
£20.00 – Heart-Beat Teddy Bear – pink or blue – or other soft heartbeat toys in neutral colours
£5.00 – Gender Reveal Confetti Canon – pink or blue
£3.00 – Gender Reveal Confetti Balloon – pink or blue
Free – Gender Reveal Scratch Card

Cancel up to 7 days before the day of the appointment and the deposit is 100% refundable.
Cancel between 6 and 3 days before the appointment and 50% of the deposit is refundable.
Cancel 2 days or less before the appointment – the deposit is not refundable.

NB – the quality of the visual result of the ultrasound scan is dependent on the position of the baby, the amount of amniotic fluid and the amount of body tissue (skin, muscle, etc) between the ultrasound probe and the baby in the womb. A good image can usually be obtained but not always.

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