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Following on from the success of Doncaster we are proud to have launched Baby Its You Chesterfield.

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Early Reassurance Scans

Look into the womb at 7 to 11 weeks.
See how things are going.
One or twins? Right place? Heartbeat? Dating?

£60 / Session
Sexing Scans

See your baby, find out the sex from 16 weeks.
Book any time, best after your NHS 12-week scan.
Free sneak peak in 3D/4D view.

£60 / Session
3D/4D Scans

See your growing baby in colour and moving at
24 to 32 weeks. Capture movie on USB memory
stick with still shots and photos to share.

From £60
Presentation Scans

Look at baby as you near full term.
See position and size and predict weight,
Check amniotic fluid and placenta position. £60 / Session

A Range of Packages

Different packages available to match the type of
scan and your budget. Including print photos, USB
memory sticks, heartbeat bears and other things.

From £60 / Session
Families Welcome

Families with children are welcome.
We have a toddlers’ play area with toys, baby
changing facilities and free drinks available.

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