Early Reassurance Scans

Baby It’s You can perform Early Pregnancy / Reassurance Scans any time after you have registered your pregnancy with your GP or midwife and you are in NHS ante-natal care.

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All Early Reassurance appointments are completely private.

During your session the sonographer will carry out the scan using a technique appropriate to your declared/estimated stage of pregnancy.   Details of the scan will be advised at the time of your booking, prior to the appointment.

Because the foetus is still very small the earliest an Early Pregnancy scan can be carried out is usually at 7 weeks, but Early Scans are often conducted at up to 11 weeks.

At this early stage it is possible via the ultrasound to:
– see if the foetus is in the right position
– identify if it’s a single baby or twins
– ascertain if the pregnancy looks “safe”
– give a more accurate dating (than the pregnancy test)
– detect a heart-beat
– prepare a detailed report of findings to take away

During the scan you will be able to see the pictures of the tiny foetus on the big screen.  The ultrasound operator will show you as much as possible and capture a number of still images. You will be offered two souvenir photos from the scan and we’ll send all the other 6-8 pictures to you by e-mail or Facebook.

  • Appointment Duration
40-45 minutes
  • Ultrasound Scan Duration
8-10 minutes
  • Photographs
  • Digital Pictures
6-8 – sent via social media
  • Findings Report
  • Who’s coming?
Mum-to-Be and usually up to 4 family and friends; book in advance for more

The Fee of £60 is payable in full at the time of booking. Payment in cash or by card.

At the time of booking, Baby It’s You! will calculate the gestation of the pregnancy based on information provided by the patient, specifically the start date of the last menstrual period and the monthly cycle length. Baby It’s You! will take the information provided by the patient at face value and in good faith.

If it transpires during the examination that the pregnancy is not at the stage indicated by the patient’s information and in fact that she is presenting at a gestation under 7 weeks, the Company may not be able to provide the full service nor to determine the status of the pregnancy.

Baby It’s You! will not offer a free re-scan for patients who present earlier than the minimum of 7 weeks.

The quality of the visual result of the scan is dependent on the stage of pregnancy, the size and position of the baby, the volume of amniotic fluid and the amount of tissue (skin, muscle, etc) between the ultrasound probe and the foetus in the womb. A good image cannot always be obtained.

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