Presentation Ultrasound Scans

We perform Presentation Scans at 32-38 weeks, well into the third trimester, in the final stages of pregnancy.

Presentation Scan

A Presentation Scan shows your baby as he/she nears birth.

At this advanced stage it is usually possible via the ultrasound to:
– see the position of the baby
– see the size of the baby
– closely estimate the weight
– see the volume of amniotic fluid

If we are very lucky and depending on a lot of things, we may even be able to show you the baby in 3D/4D, be we cannot promise this.

This kind of scan may be just right for you if you want peace of mind as you come toward the end of your pregnancy.

You will be offered souvenir pictures from the scan in the form of photos.

Our Presentation Scan service comprises:

  • Appointment duration
40-45 minutes
  • Ultrasound scan duration
12-14 minutes
  • Photographs
  • Digital Pictures – sent via social media
10-12 – by e-mail, Facebook or WhatsApp
  • Pregnancy Health / Baby Heart-Beat Check
  • Findings Report
  • Who’s coming with Mum-to-Be?
Usually up to 4 family and friends; book in advance for more

The Fee of £60 is payable in full at the time of booking, or with a £30 deposit to guarantee appointment. Payment can be made in cash or by card.
The Standard Package price for Twins is £75 for a longer 28-minute scan.
We also advise mems-to-be of twins to come at 32-36 weeks, rather than leave it much later.

The quality of the visual result of the scan is dependent on the stage of pregnancy, the size and position of the baby, the volume of amniotic fluid and the amount of tissue (skin, muscle, etc) between the ultrasound probe and the foetus in the womb. A good image cannot always be obtained.

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